The ValueSelling Framework

The ValueSelling Framework® , an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, repeatable methodology, is practiced by sales teams across the globe. It is effective in any type of complex B2B selling situation, from direct to channel, inside and strategic account sales.

Installing ValueSelling for Managers

Gain essential tips to ensure your success by coaching your teams to maximize the ValueSelling Framework in pre-call planning, post-call debrief, creating demand and closing the deal.

Vortex Prospecting 

Use this repeatable, cadence-based approach to land more meetings. Applicable to account-based, market-based, geography-based or tele-sales.

ValueSelling Account Management (VSAM)

VSAM leverages the ValueSelling Framework® through the use of a common set of terminology and templates. The process is then expanded and applied to the account management process to look at the key components involved with managing strategic opportunities.

The four key components of the VSAM process include:

  • Account Profiles: Examining the organisational structure of the account, key individuals and reporting relationships
  • Business Analysis: An understanding of the financial health of a company and uncovering potential business issues that can be linked to your solution set
  • Opportunity Planning: Developing a list of opportunities at a summary level and then analysing those key opportunities for product/services, timing and resources required
  • Opportunity Review: Assessing the status of opportunities that are underway to determine where “gaps” may be and then develop action plans to address missing components

Modular Workshops for Sales Professionals

ValueSelling Essentials™ is a series of e-learning courses supported by instructor-led workshops, designed to give your sales team a competitive edge with the tools to master essential sales techniques.

These modular courses allow your salespeople to learn, sharpen and refresh the core competencies critical to every sales person’s success:

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Negotiating
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Phone Effectiveness
  • Prospecting and Qualifying
  • Sales Writing
  • Selling to Executives
  • Time and Productivity Management