Call Coaching

Drive your sales uplift with a data-driven approach. Refract AI, by Nisbet Associates, technology allows us to analyse every call and demo, profiling the revenue defining moments, revealing what leads to successful outcomes for your team today.

Develop the skills to:

Locate calls where a competitor is name-checked by the prospect, pricing is discussed but there are no next steps.

Create searches and alerts to run with one click

Use AI-driven analysis to reveal what leads to success for your team

Reveal what top performers do differently and what leads to successful outcomes, to clone across the team.

Find the conversations that matter

Your Google search of every call. Find the calls and moments where revenue is won and lost – the mistakes, missed opportunities and playbook moments to share. Search for topics, words and phrases spoken, together with insights such as talk time or questions asked, by types of call, date, and which agent or team.

Refract Call Explorer

How it works

Trust your data, not big data. What leads to successful outcomes from your calls? What do your top performers do differently? Our AI Insights reveal the DNA of calls that lead to successful outcomes and revenue, what each rep is doing in their conversations, and the coachable insight to level-jump performance and results.


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