Account Management

ValueSelling Account Management sharpens your team’s ability to spot sales opportunities by better diagnosing business challenges, develop comprehensive strategy and plans at the account and opportunity level, and analyze existing opportunities to increase win-rate.

Four key components in the process:

Account Profiles

Examining the organizational structure of the account, key individuals and reporting relationships

Business Analysis

Gaining an understanding of the financial health of a company and uncovering potential business issues that can be linked to your solution set

Opportunity Planning

Developing a list of opportunities at a summary level and then analyzing those key opportunities for product/services, timing and resources required

Opportunity Review

Assessing the status of opportunities that are underway to determine where “gaps” may be and then developing action plans to address missing components

Does your team have essential account management skills?

VSAM leverages the ValueSelling Framework® through the use of a common set of terminology and templates, including the Qualified Prospect Formula® and ValuePrompter®. The process is then expanded and applied to the account management process to look at the key components involved with managing strategic opportunities.

How it works

  • Establish a base of business acumen to understand business opportunities and identify potential business issues
  • Develop account plans to track opportunities and coordinate sales resources
  • Assess current sales opportunities for gaps and develop specific action plans to address

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