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Looking for a simple, effective, and affordable strategic planning, implementation and performance management process that aligns all the staff to achieve the vision?

Develop the skills to:

Establish tactics and actions to support business goals

Establish measurable performance indicators

Create a striking easy-to-follow plan

Allow for ownership of the process

Motivate and align the team

Improve communication

Get results

Improve executive time management

Create clear strategic focus at all levels in the organisation

Create clear strategic focus

ec@ps is delivered in a two-day practical interactive session that produces a one-page strategic plan, together with supportive individual performance plans and a web-based execution system to ensure the process is monitored and results are achieved.

How it works

  • Focus on the important issues requiring greatest improvement
  • Develop an organisational culture based on a collectively created set of values
  • Give an understanding of those issues that are critical to the achievement of the vision
  • Everyone has a simple one-page performance agreement for the next period

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