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Whether field direct sales or inside sales, you must use your selling time wisely. Fill the pipeline. Qualify people in and out. Focus your efforts on the hottest prospects. A simpler way to get there? Do what works. Use the ValueSelling Framework®.

eValueSelling Fundamentals™

Now, you can quickly learn the essential components of the ValueSelling Framework® in less than three hours, anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming workshop or want to learn independently, eValueSelling Fundamentals will meet your needs. Completely up-to-date with the latest adult instructional design principles, you will learn concepts in the context of real-world examples. From using the Qualified Prospect Formula™ to determine the health of your opportunity, to using the ValuePrompter® to prepare for your next call, this online course will help you get ready to accelerate your sales to the next level.

Learn about organizational roles & power strategies

See how O-P-C questions identify, validate, gain access & maintain access to power

Do activities to validate understanding

What will you learn?

  • Acquaint yourself with ValueSelling Framework vocabulary, terms, processes, and concepts in less than 3 hours
  • Practice using the ValuePrompter® by creating one for your next sales call
  • Learn how to assess opportunities to evaluate the health of any sales opportunity in your pipeline
  • Practice using the O-P-C Questioning Process in an interactive simulation

eValueSelling Fundamentals is typically included as part of a blended learning program for our clients.


  • Four modules cover ValueSelling Framework® concepts. Each module is approximately 20 minutes long.
  • Learn at your pace. Revisit and refresh any concept anytime.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Challenge tests your understanding.
  • Simulations and games based on a real-life case study.
  • Available in 9 languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish EU, Spanish LATAM, German, French, Italian

Executive Speak™

Are you prepared to speak confidently with executives?

In this highly connected world, prospects are inundated with emails, voicemails and text messages. But, you only get one shot to make a good impression with the decision-maker. Executive communication training can help you make a memorable first impression.

Leadership Development

Minimize time wasted on unproductive research

Easily interpret key business terms and financial reports

Use an interactive tool to build executive profiles quickly

Prepare for meetings to maximize every interaction

Get past gatekeepers and gain access to the person in charge

Increase confidence to sell to executives and managers


eBook: How to Gain Executive Accessdownload
Infographic: 3 Ways to Level Up download
Brochure: Executive Speak™ download

Sell higher, sell with confidence

Make it count with a value-added conversation. Be prepared with insightful questions that make people stop, take note and engage with you.


Executive Speak™ develops your business acumen to think like an executive, predict potential business issues, and then correlate how your products and services impact financial metrics.


If your reps are reluctant to make the call, increase their confidence and competence to sell to executives and managers. Effective discussions create more opportunities, which generates more revenue.


How it works

Executive Speak is executive communication training that builds off the globally proven ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology. This award-winning, interactive e-learning module features the 360° Profile Builder™, a unique tool that helps turn information into insights and automatically populates a ValuePrompter®.


Proper preparation is what sets high-performers apart from the pack. Executive Speak provides the roadmap for a productive and engaging conversation.

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