1-to-1 Deal Reviews

After attending ValueSelling Training, it is essential to build the methodology into your current systems and processes. Our team can help you structuring your deal reviews to further embed the ValueSelling Framework®.
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Assessing your opportunities

Structuring your deal reviews to further embed the ValueSelling Framework® may involve coaching managers running deal reviews effectively, as well as supporting salespeople in winning specific opportunities.

1-to-1 deal reviews use the Qualified Prospect Formula®:

Qualified Prospect Formula®
Your pipeline must be well qualified to set teams up for success with the right prospects. The only thing teams can control is where they spend their time, so we want to be sure it’s being focused on truly qualified opportunities. The Qualified Prospect Formula® combines elements of the ValueSelling Framework® to quantify the likelihood of a prospect buying at various levels. With the help of our team the sales professional assesses the value, power, and plan within a sales cycle to stop wasting time on unqualified opportunities.

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