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Frictionless Sales Methodology

Leveraging Technology for a Frictionless Sales Methodology

PJ Nisbet shares why Sales improvement programs fail, then shared an example of best practices implementation and inspired us when describing the future of sales focused on purpose, authenticity, value-based insights, and conversation as a key differentiator.

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The Power of a Single Sales Methodology for Global Sales Performance Execution

The global sales training market is poised to grow to US $4.21 billion by 2024 (Technavio). Compare this figure with the brutal fact that nearly 70% of change initiatives fail (HBR).

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Powerful Prospecting

PJ and Candice speak to Mark O’Brien, Aisling Jiang and Richard Smith to get their ideas on how to prospect effectively.

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Transform Learning into Application and Performance

Candice speaks to Ben Eddy from the Mobile Practice about the importance of turning learning into application.

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Sales Cafe with Tips on Working from Home

Sales Café with tips on Working from Home

Candice speaks to Caradog Emanuel who shares some great ideas on how we make working from home easier.

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Tips on transforming learning

Tips on transforming learning into practice with Ben Eddy

Candice talks to Ben Eddy of the Mobile Practice who shares his ideas on ensuring that learning gets retained and applied.

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Remote Coaching Blog Sales Café with Kate Lewis

As we move into the hybrid world of companies combining in-person and virtual interactions a reminder of the specific challenges of virtual coaching.

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Working from Home

Join us at the Sales Cafe, where we discuss working from home issues with Caradog Emanuel, Director of Revenue Development in EMEA at Seismic Software.

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Coaching Remote Teams

Kate Lewis, the co-founder of e4enable, talks to us about coaching remote teams.

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People Buy from People

Learn more about how people buy from people from PJ Nisbet

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How High-growth Sales Organizations Respond to Crisis
5 Reasons Sales are Lost or Deals Stall

5 Reasons Sales are Lost or Deals Stall

Having spoken to thousands of salespeople over the years the conclusion we have come to is that these are the 5 reasons why deals stall or are lost.

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6 takeaways from the Sales Coaching Café

The landscape of coaching is changing rapidly, and we must adapt to ensure that our sales teams continue to prosper in these uncertain times.

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Why listening is your greatest asset for selling

The idea that verbally dominating a conversation will increase the likelihood of closing a sale is no more.

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Sales Fail

5 reasons why sales training fails and what you can do about it

Having trained over 6,000 people in countless workshops over the last five years, I have seen numerous examples of why sales training programmes fail.

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The Three Keys to Sales Quota Attainment
Wild Dogs of Africa

Sales lessons from the wild dogs of Africa

I recently returned from a wonderful four-day trip into the South African bushveld, specifically a 75000-hectare expanse known as the Madikwe Game Reserve (North West of Johannesburg).

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3 typical challenges for salespeople (and what to do about them)

In the increasingly frenetic world of sales and constantly increasing targets, sometimes the ongoing needs of the customer are forgotten.

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