Are travel restrictions impacting your numbers?

Keep your sales training moving forward online with virtual live instruction.


Are travel restrictions impacting your numbers?

Keep your sales training moving forward online with virtual live instruction.

Sales Training

Improve your sales skills.

Whether field, direct, or inside sales, you must use your selling time wisely. Fill the pipeline. Qualify people in and out. Focus your efforts on the hottest prospects. A simpler way to get there? Do what works. Use the ValueSelling Framework®.

Installing the ValueSelling Framework for Managers is the perfect way to blend ValueSelling concepts into your organization and existing sales processes. Attend ValueSelling Manager as Coach and maximize the return on investment in yourself and your team.

Ask any sales leader and they’ll say their main challenge is getting more prospects at the top of the funnel. And that requires more activity to increase quality connections and generate more wins.

ValueSelling Account Management is a dynamic training program that sharpens your team’s ability to: Spot sales opportunities by better-diagnosing business challenges; develop a comprehensive strategy and plans at the account and opportunity level; analyze existing opportunities and create actionable plans to increase win rates.

In this highly connected world, prospects are inundated with emails, voicemails, and text messages. You only get one shot to make a good impression with decision-makers. Executive Speak™ will show you how.

Compete on value, not on price.

Drive more growth, increase revenue and lead your team to big results with value-based sales training and the ValueSelling Framework®. Value Selling is a practical sales methodology that focuses on your buyer and the value they receive by doing business with you!


An immediate, repeatable, sustainable process that results in more appointments and bigger wins. We deliver blended learning programs: Instructor-led, on-demand, coaching, and reinforcement.


We install an easy-to-use, repeatable sales methodology to prospect effectively, qualify, advance and close more sales with higher margins. Wouldn’t you like your organisation to use a common sales language?


We equip professionals in all sales roles to fill their diaries and also compete on value, not price, using a time-tested methodology with decades of proven results.

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If your sales methodology is so brilliant, why isn't your team using it?

We blend live workshops with an eLearning course that teaches fundamental concepts of the ValueSelling Framework®.
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The blended reinforcement methods ensure adoption and integration with proven long-term results.
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We offer a range of workshops with customised curriculum and case studies developed for sales / marketing teams.
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Public Speaking
We are specialists at delivering inspirational keynote and sales kick-off presentations.
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