Candice October

Candice October

Managing Partner

Candice October is passionate about enabling salespeople to become more effective, by internalising the ValueSelling Framework and Vortex Prospecting into their daily routines. As a successful sales professional herself she inspires, motivates and coaches her clients to achieve the sales results they are looking for.

Candice was first introduced to ValueSelling in 2011, when she co-founded one of South Africa’s top Sales Graduate Recruitment and Development Businesses which specialised in finding the right salespeople and then training and coaching them to become successful sales professionals.

After studying an Honours Degree in Organisational Psychology, her first job was as an Inside Sales Development Representative in a busy call centre in London. Following her highly successful front-line sales career Candice progressed into the role of facilitator and coach to assist her company gain crucial buy-in for the implementation of organisation wide change interventions as well as other strategic initiatives.

Candice has spent the three years before she joined ValueSelling in a large publicly listed company where she gained experience in a wide range of functions, including manufacturing, information technology, property management, and retail.

Candice is passionate about making organisations more effective by helping salespeople reach their goals and increase their overall effectiveness. She does this by not only teaching strategies and tactics to drive and improve sales performance but also utilises Strength Based coaching to drive tangible change in their behaviour.

An accomplished facilitator, Candice is also a certified Executive and Management Coach from the University of Cape Town.